Alyxandra Yatsko -- 5+ years in data entry and transcription, specializing in legal and public media. Lightning quick turnaround, dedicated to results!


Thank you for your interest!
My name is Alyxandra (Aly) Yatsko, and I am here to work in conjunction with you and/or your team to deliver quality transcriptions tailored to your preferences and your project goals.

A little about me:
My corrected typing speed is 102+ WPM, and I have nearly a decade of experience in transcription, with concentrations in legal and public media broadcasting. I have been working with Rev transcription service for a little over a year, with individual freelance projects on the side for the past several years.
Prior to this, I was Lead Supervisor at a process service company, where I worked hand-in-hand with all sides of the legal process (process servers, attorneys, clients, court systems and government agencies) to produce accurate legal transcription to be deemed admissible in court. The success of these cases were entrusted to my accuracy, speed, knowledge of legal terminology, and production of quality legal documentation. Apart from that, I have completed several projects for personal customers, many being for local podcasts and journalists. I would like to put my experience to use for you, and provide you with reliable, high-caliber transcriptions of audio and video projects.


All prices are in USD

Prices range from $1.00 per audio minute to $1.50 per audio minute, depending on length, audio quality, and number of speakers. Can do both verbatim and non-verbatim projects. Please allow me to quote you for my services, and see what I can do for you!*

*Please understand that while I aspire to accept every project, I may decline audio files with foreign speakers/poor audio quality/excessively large number of speakers if I find it to be unworkable.


1-3 Speakers, <45 minutes = Within 24 hours
1-3 Speakers, >45 minutes = 24 - 36 hours
3+ Speakers, > 2 hours = Within 48 hours

Turnaround for longer projects will be quoted individually.


I am available 7 days a week, and am open to the possibility of bulk assignments.


Please feel free to contact me here on Transcription Network, or email me at I look forward to hearing from you!