Amias Shipley -- Transcriptionist and video captioner


Hello! My name is Amias Shipley. I am an experienced transcriptionist and video captioner living in the north-central United States. My favorite work topics are labor activism, LGBT issues, and disability. I’m also well versed in computer terminology. As long as the audio is reasonable quality, I’ll transcribe or caption just about any project. Contact me for a quote!


(All rates are in US dollars. Prices are subject to change.)

I charge a basic fee per project and a rate per minute of audio/video, rounded up to the minute. Base fees cover my administrative costs, and the rate per minute is designed as fair compensation for my work.

Transcription: My transcripts are non-verbatim, meaning I omit false starts and stutters, and lightly edit grammar for readability. The goal is a clear transcript that is easy to understand and can be followed, whether or not the reader is also listening to the audio.
I do not create verbatim transcripts that retain false starts and stutters, but can transcribe relevant non-verbal sounds like laughter and music upon request. This may affect pricing.

Prices: $5 base fee per project, plus $1.25 per audio minute for up to 3 clear speakers

Captions: My captions are non-verbatim, but may contain some false starts and stutters as needed to correctly time and follow the speaker in the video. It is necessary for captions to follow speakers closely, so hearing viewers who use captions are receiving consistent information.
I caption relevant non-verbal sounds as well, like laughter, music, or audio cues that impact viewer comprehension, so that Deaf/HoH viewers can access the same information as hearing viewers.

Prices: $5 base fee per project, plus $2 per audio minute for up to 3 clear speakers

Examples: A clear 10-minute recording of a two-person phone interview would cost approximately $17.50. Captions for a 10-minute instructional video with one clearly recorded speaker would cost approximately $25.

Individual project rates may vary based on number of speakers and project difficulty. I reserve the right to reject any project based on audio quality or lack of availability. (Repeat clients or customers with several files may be eligible for discounts! Contact me for a quote.)


When a client requests a quote, they must provide the file to be transcribed or captioned. I will respond with any additional information I need, calculate a price and guaranteed turnaround time, and send a copy of my contract. The client must accept the contract before I can begin work.

After the contract is accepted, I transcribe or caption the project within the guaranteed time. When my work is complete, I will send the customer an invoice and a screenshot of the first portion of the completed file. The invoice must be paid before I deliver the complete file to the customer.

Clients may request transcripts in DOCX, RTF, TXT, or ODT format. Captions may be in SRT, SSA/ASS, or VTT format. If you need a file format not contained in this list, contact me and I will research options.


Turnaround times listed here are not guaranteed and may vary based on my schedule. Please contact me for a quote and a guarantee. 1 business day from contract acceptance is my average quote for completion time.


I am currently available for approximately six audio hours per week, possibly more. Contact me for more detailed information. I respond to messages within my business hours, Monday to Friday 9-5 CST.


Please email me at or message me through Transcription Network for availability, quotes, time estimates, and any other questions! I look forward to working with you.