Candace Land (CandyTranscripts) -- Experienced Transcriptionist


Hi there! I’m Candace Land, and I am a transcriptionist and aspiring writer. I have a bachelor’s degree specializing in English from the University of Toronto. An essay of mine was published in the UTM English & Drama journal, which you can read at

I have been working as a transcriptionist for nearly three years and have a typing speed of 90+ WPM, plus I have over 15 years of personal experience working within Microsoft Windows, including thorough experience with Microsoft Word and some experience with Excel. During my previous 10 years experience in retail, I have also developed exceptional customer service skills and gained administrative experience. I am extremely organized, reliable, and hard-working. I am a perfectionist, which means that I am extremely thorough with proofreading, and I put 110% into everything I do.


For a non-verbatim transcript with one to two speakers, I charge $1.00 USD per audio minute. This means that if the audio you would like transcribed is 30 minutes long, you would pay $30.00 USD. Non-verbatim simply means that speech disfluencies are edited out, such as stutters, filler words (uh, um, etc.) and false starts, to make your transcript more readable.

After two speakers, I charge 25 cents per minute on top of the base rate for each additional speaker. For difficult audio, where there is a lot of loud background noise or the audio is somewhat garbled (for example, a bad quality speakerphone call), I charge an additional 50 cents per minute on top of the base rate. More simply, the total rates are as follows:

Base rate - $1.00/audio minute
Difficult audio - $1.50/audio minute
3 speakers - $1.25/audio minute
4 speakers - $1.50/audio minute
5 speakers - $1.75/audio minute
3 speakers plus difficult audio - $1.75/audio minute
(and so on)


Because I type fast and am a homebody, your transcript will be ready anywhere from a few hours to 24 hours after I accept the project, depending on demand and length of audio.


I transcribe from home and have no other obligations (no children, etc.) so I am available any day of the week, at any time.


If you would like to know more or would like to request a transcript, please message me through this forum or email me directly at