Carl Triplett -- Discreet efficient transcriptions


I am discreet and efficient. A cut and dry military brat, I hold myself and my transcription to the highest standards.
I like to be quick and to the point with no bs and no run around.
Nothing surprises me.
I can take whatever type of content you throw my way.
My favorite types of transcripts are hypnosis sessions, coaching, or anything psychology, or sociology related.


$1.00/ minute for clean audio.
Add $0.50 per speaker.

Will be done non-verbatim. (Meaning lightly editing out words like, “Um.”, as well as stuttering and misteps)

You can request verbatim but don’t. (Meaning word for word, including ums, ers, and all the half-formed thoughts you didn’t want anyways. )


Complete transcript in less than 24 hours if below one hour of content.


Open. Please inquire.

Contact or message me on the transcription network.