Cecilia Case -- Supporting you in creating an amazing podcast, article or book!


You are out there trying to make the world more fabulous, fierce, and fantastic. I’m here to make sure your podcasts can be found, your research can be searched, and your interviews are quote-ready.

If you are creating revolutionary media content, or you’re a reporter conducting informative and juicy interviews, or a writer compiling your research or dictating your pages I’m here to smooth the way to beautiful and accurate documents.

About Me

I am a native English speaker, and I can provide a quality, clean and well-formatted transcripts in a variety of file formats including plain text, Word, and Google Docs. It will be complete with speaker labels and light editing (called “standard verbatim” in transcription circles). This light editing involves getting rid of filler words (uh, um, etc.) and false starts (“I think I’m… Well, he was”) and a few other idiosyncrasies that can make the transcript smoother to read. I can also accommodate most requests in terms of formatting and editing preferences, including timestamps. I work well independently and do research to solve most audio puzzles and jargon, but I also communicate quickly if there are questions that simply can’t be answered on my own.

I love biography interviews, background research on a variety of topics including politics, business, art and more, but I’ll transcribe just about anything you want, no matter the subject.

I’m also a graduate of the TranscribeAnywhere General Transcriptionist course. Certificate available by request.


All rates are based on the number of participants and clarity. A clear file with 1-2 participants and a turnaround of 48 hours will generally be $1.50/min. Anything more difficult, I will quote you a fair price before starting work on the file. I reserve the right to reject any project based on audio quality or lack of availability.


Turnaround times cannot be guaranteed until we agree on pricing and the contract is signed. I can do as quickly at 24 hours for an increased rate. I also discount the rate if you aren’t pressed for time.


I’m currently available for 4 hours a week, possibly more. If you have regular work and you like our initial work together, I would be happy to set aside guaranteed time per week or month for a small retainer fee.


Please email me at cecilia@ceciliacase.com or message me through Transcription Network for availability, quotes, time estimates, and any other questions! I look forward to working with you.