Giulia Stepp -- Closed captions and transcription with 2+ years experience


I am a closed caption transcriptionist living in Southern California. I have over two years of experience writing closed captions with Rev, as well as experience in freelance transcription. At Rev, I maintained nearly perfect accuracy and formatting metrics at the highest tier (Revver+) and was even invited to be on the quality control team.
I have experience in a wide variety of topics, and I tend to most enjoy educational content such as lectures and tutorials, as well as video essays and interviews, as I like to learn new things from the videos I caption. I am interested in video games, horror media (movies, books, podcasts etc), social justice issues, and programming/web design, so I tend to particularly enjoy captioning/transcribing things related to those topics.
I also am proficient in Japanese, as i have been speaking it for seven years, and I can do some translation. However, I only translate from Japanese to English, and I am not qualified to translate highly technical topics in Japanese such as legal or medical.


Listed below are base rates, which may be negotiated depending on difficulty of the project. Clear audio with fewer speakers (1-2), for example, will cost the below rates, whereas one with more difficult audio and many speakers will cost more. My captions/transcriptions are non-verbatim by default (meaning I omit stuttering, filler words, and false starts) however for a slight price raise (20 cents per minute) I will caption/transcribe verbatim.
Captions: $1.50 per minute of video
Transcription: $1 per minute of video
Japanese to English translation: contact for estimate


Generally within one business day per hour of video/audio, but could take up to 3 business days depending on the difficulty of the project.


Currently available to work five days a week (Monday - Friday). Time frames are flexible, but best times to reach me for the quickest turnaround is anywhere from 8 AM PST to 4 PM PST.


Please contact me either through a private message here on the network or at