John Schultz -- General transcription and captioning for media and everybody else.


Rev transcriptionist for nearly six years and captioner for two, with over 137,000 audio minutes transcribed and 13,000 video minutes captioned.

Topics transcribed/captioned include, well, just about everything imaginable. My own areas of interest and knowledge include: history, music, language, art, US and international politics, privacy issues, journalism, environment, labor, social justice.

Thank you for supporting this platform and the workers on it. Good audio is nice, but dignity for us and respect for our work is nicer.


per audio minute (Full rate for projects of less than one minute. Remaining seconds over final minute mark will be rounded up):

$1.25: A simple non-verbatim project with few issues.

$1.75: A non-verbatim project with some issues or a simple verbatim project.

$2.25+ A non-verbatim project with a significant number of issues or a verbatim project with some issues.

Audio will be evaluated quickly on receipt and a rate quoted based on a combination of these or other unique factors:

-audio quality
-speech clarity
-speech disfluencies
-atmospheric noise
-special requests
-number of speakers
-rate of speech

Note: Audio with an excessive number of issues may not be suitable for transcription. We hear what you hear!

Please inquire for captioning rates.


Maximum of 24 hours per hour of audio, typically much less.


Flexible with workload and time frame, but usually work between late morning and early morning hours, Central Standard Time (GMT-6).


Private message here at Transcription Network preferred for initial contact.