Julius Lola -- General and Legal transcriptionist with 12+ years experience


I type 80 wpm and have been transcribing from home for well, over 12 years. I have over 6 years of specialized transcription experience, in medical and legal transcription. Over 4 years of this time was spent working as a grader on the Rev.com and Speechpad platforms. I have also worked with direct clients on a number of projects. With this extensive experience and skill set, I feel I can be a great asset as a transcriptionist to you. I enjoy what I do and I am good at it.


All rates are in USD.
Minimum rate: $1 per audio/video minute for clear audio.
I will charge a little bit more per minute for quite challenging audios with rates starting at $1,20 per audio/video minute.
Rates increase as audio quality deteriorates to compensate for added difficulty/challenge in transcribing the challenging audios.


Expected turnaround for me is 10 hours per audio hour for projects with clear audio. For example, two hours of clear audio will be at most 24 hours, turnaround.
Audios that are challenging will take 15 hours per audio hour.


I am fully available throughout the week from Monday to Saturday, and if work demands I reserve some Sundays to attend to a client I will be available too.


If you wish to contract my services, please contact me here through private messages or email me at juliuslolah@gmail.com