Karen L. Fitzgerald -- Putting word to paper for 20 years

Hi! I am a mother of three who began doing note reading/scoping for court reporters in San Bernardino and LA County Superior Courts as a way to stay home with my kids and contribute financially. I am still transcribing because I LOVE it! I learn new things every day.

In addition to translating and transcribing court steno, I branched out into logging numerous television reality shows for networks and cable channels such as the History Channel. My proudest work is typing interviews for the Oscar winning documentary OJ: Made in America. While entertainment is my favorite genre, I have also been with an agency that provides student dissertations, Workers’ Comp attorney dictation, police investigations, podcasts…and more varied projects. I have also done medical transcription.

I charge from $1.30 - $1.75 per audio minute depending upon number of speakers, accents and quality of audio.

As for turnaround time, you tell me when you need your transcript and I’ll tell you if I can meet that. I can do 24 hr. turnaround in some cases. I will work weekends to get the job done.

My schedule is flexible, so I can take on a modest amount of work. My kids are grown, so it’s just you and me!!

Feel free to contact me at karen.kf999wpm@gmail.com or by private message through this forum.