Lim Keophan -- Transcriptionist with specialization in niche subjects


Experienced transcription and closed captioner based in the Los Angeles, California area familiar with a broad spectrum of topics but especially familiar with sports and niche subjects such as music and social media culture(s).


All rates are in USD.
Minimum rate: $1 per audio/video minute for clear audio.
Clients will be charged more per minute for less-than-clear audio with rates starting at $1.50 per audio/video minute.
Rates increase as audio quality decreases to compensate for added difficulty/challenge in transcribing audio that does not meet a certain acceptable quality threshold. If possible, send audio samples for pre-screening purposes and discussion of rates.


Expected turnaround is usually one day per hour for projects with clear audio. For example, two hours of clear audio will be at most a two-day turnaround, especially if said project contains one or two speakers. Expect projects with difficult/troublesome audio to take longer. Having said that, turnaround is also negotiable.


Fully available throughout the normal work week of Monday through Friday, with occasional availability on the weekends. Please inform me in advance if you would like to send weekend projects my way; an advance notice of one or two days is preferred.


If you are interested in using my services, please get in contact with me here through private messages or email me at