Lynde Nanson -- transcriptionist - always up for a challenge


I have a Bachelor of Science in Geology, as well as a Master of Science in Mathematics. I’ve taught Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, and Math at a high school level for ten years. While growing up and as a teacher, I’ve interacted with people from a wide variety of backgrounds and I’m comfortable with most accents.

I prefer working the more difficult transcriptions. I enjoy the challenge of working with specialized, technical, and academic discussions, as well as with speakers with varied accents.

You will likely find more qualified transcriptionists for medical and legal transcription and so I would refer you to others in the forum if that is what you need. I am also not comfortable working with pidgin English.


Decent audio with minimal to no crosstalk is required.

$1.50 per minute base rate with unlimited speakers, see details below.
up to +$1 per minute for accented speakers or speakers with challenging speech patterns.
up to +$1 per minute if research will be needed (jargon, scientific terms, place names etc.).

Speaker details:

  • 1 or 2 speakers will be individually identified.
  • For Q and A sessions, moderator led focus groups or similar, 1 or 2 main speakers can be individually identified with an audience or group tag for the others.
  • Up to 4 speakers: When possible speakers will be identified.
  • 4 or more speakers: either Male/ Female tags or an undifferentiated Speaker tag for all speakers.


I will provide a completion time once we have connected about a project, but it will most often be under 24 hours.


I can complete 60 minutes of audio per day.


If you have any questions or would like a quote, feel free to contact me at If you send me your file, I will quote you a price and provide a completion time. Please indicate any special requests and include a brief description of the content. If the file is too large, we can also use Dropbox.


Projects can be returned as a Word file or as a Google Doc.

I will lightly edit the transcript for readability. This means that I will edit out umms, ahhs, extraneous likes and other filler words, active listening, and false starts. I will default to including speech if I feel there is any useful content conveyed.