Marcel – Transcriptionist with 3+ years experience


Hi! I’m a transcriptionist with over three years (and counting) both transcribing and captioning audio and video files. I have experience transcribing anything from interviews, focus group sessions, business meetings, film and television sessions, etc., so multiple speakers and accents are not a problem.

I am also fluent in both English and French, meaning multilingual transcription is possible if needed. Having had past experience working with many transcription companies as an independent contractor, I am familiar with a wide range of styles and can give you a high quality transcript that is easy to read and follow. Fully verbatim transcripts (inlcuding filler words such as “um” and “ah” and laughter) are also not a problem if needed.


I charge $1 USD per audio minute for normal transcription services. A fully verbatim transcript (inlcluding filler words and laughter) is $1.25 USD per audio minute.


Turnaround time is very quick (usually 2-3 hours for a 30-minute audio file). Longer files (1h30m or more) will naturally take a bit longer.


I’m available for all work during the week, with availability for a higher work volume during the weekends.


Please feel free to contact me through private message on this forum for inquiries. Email will be used for follow up communications.