Melanie -- Full-time transcriptionist with 3 years experience


I have been transcribing for three years, full-time for one year. I have completed over 70,000 minutes and maintain the highest quality accuracy and formatting. I have a bachelor’s degree in linguistics and a TESOL certificate, which means I have a lot of experience working with all types of accents and dialects. I have the most experience with the topic of education, but I am able to use research to complete a variety of topics.


$1.00 per minute for one to two-speaker files
$1.50 per minute for three-plus speakers
$2.00 per minute for difficult audio quality

Upon reviewing the audio file, I will let you know what category it fits into. If I feel I will not be able to complete the job accurately, I will email you so you can find an alternate transcriptionist to complete the job.


24 hours


I transcribe full-time from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. I transcribe roughly 1,000 minutes per week. Upon requesting a transcription, I will let you know if I have availability to complete your files in the 24-hour turnaround period.