Naomi Armstrong -- General Transcription. I love survey interviewers.


I am based in Canada and have one year experience in general transcription with Rev. I have a BA in Psychology and worked in the nonprofit sector for about six years. With five years experience in a call center conducting survey interviews for a market research firm with American and Canadian respondents. Thus, I have a wide variety of experience with a variety of accents.

I enjoy transcribing business, academic, podcasts, and interviews. I am especially fond of UX research and survey interviews. I have done dictations and verbatim, but prefer transcripts that require clean verbatim format. Please no legal, medical or focus groups. I have maintained excellent metrics with Rev, including being promoted to Grader. I have been commended on my excellent formatting skills and like to proofread transcripts at least twice. I have excellent research and critical thinking skills.


$1 USD/audio minute for 1 to 3 speakers
Each additional speaker will be + 30 cents a speaker

Will not transcribe more than 6 speakers unless speakers are easily identifiable.

I can work with somewhat challenging audio that is no fault of the recorder, for example, phone static.

Verbatim and Dictation rates will be negotiated.

Default Spellings
Canadian clients - Canadian spelling
UK and Australian - British spelling
American and International - American spelling

Please indicate your style choice (APA, Chicago, AP or other)


24 hours for up to one hour of audio
36 hours for 61 to 75 minutes of audio
48 hours for 76 to 90 minutes of audio

Anything over 90 minutes can be negotiated


Seven days a week (excluding Canadian and American statutory holidays)


Coming soon!


Please private message through the forum for the time being.