RE:WRITE -- Full-time, confidential transcription service with Time Zone advantage

RE:Write – Full-Time Transcriptionist. and Editor

Experienced transcriptionist. Former Parliamentary Assistant at UK House of Commons - fully vetted by them to undertake work of a highly confidential and/or sensitive nature. I love transcription work and seek to provide the best possible product. Happy to lightly edit to ensure maximum clarity or to provide a strict verbatim service at no extra cost.

I am from the UK originally, but am currently South Africa based, where the Time Zone can offer enormous advantages in terms of turnaround time.

Specialist In:
Academic Research, Podcasts, General Survey Interviews, Entertainment, Counseling, Sensitive and/or Confidential Files.


$1 (USD) Per Audio Minute payable in advance via Paypal.


I offer a 12 hour turn around, however, as a dedicated full-time transcriptionist, your job will be prioritized and returned to you the moment it is completed - often well within that window.


7 Day availability. Happy to work evenings and weekends to get the job done within your required time frame.


Please get in touch by email