Sean -- Tech transcriptionist


I’m a transcriptionist with 2+ years of experience. I have a BS in Computer Science and have spent over two decades as a programmer. Whether it’s shell scripting, web development, or something funky like Rust, I’m well-versed in the terminology needed to understand your tech files. I have a wide array of interests besides, including astrophysics, economics, and neuroscience. I’m an avid gardener and I always enjoy plant-related files.

By default, I transcribe into American English, using the MLA as a style guide. That said, I can tackle other variants if needed. I can correct grammar or leave it as verbatim as you’d like. Whatever the format, I strive to create transcripts that are accurate, easy to read, and flow naturally. I am multilingual as well (Danish, French, and Italian), which has given me a good ear for accents of all sorts.


$1.50/min base rate.

The base rate is for a non-verbatim transcription of clean audio (i.e. little to no static, mics at a reasonable distance) containing up to three speakers talking at a normal conversational cadence with minimal overlapping.

$2/min verbatim rate.

The verbatim rate is for files like those described above for the base rate, but transcribed with filler words (um, uh) and false starts (I fed- I fed the cat). If you’d like sounds transcribed ([cough], [meow]), these are also included in this fee.

Timestamps at 1-minute intervals are included in both the base and verbatim rates. Otherwise:

  • $0.25/min for 30-second, paragraph-level, and speaker-change timestamps.
  • $0.50/min for 15-second timestamps.
  • $1/min for sentence-level timestamps.

For anything more complicated (e.g. > 3 speakers, custom style guides), I’ll be happy to give you a quote before taking on the job. If I don’t feel like I can offer you a quality transcription, I will tell you straight away.

Rush jobs–when I am able to accommodate them–are twice the normal rate.

Note: for jobs that entail an inordinate amount of research (particularly on an obscure topic), I require a glossary or primer.


Generally, 24-48 hours for a base-rate file (up to 60 mins) after acceptance.


1-3 jobs per client per week to start, subject to file complexity and overall workload. I’m working in CET (GMT+1), but I try to maintain a few hours of overlap with EST as needed.