TN for People Seeking Transcription Services

I have audio that I need transcribed. Why should I use Transcription Network?

Short answer: To connect with an independent transcriptionist who can provide you with personalized service!

Long answer: Unless you’re willing to spend extra time editing, automated transcription just isn’t all the way there. A quick Google search will bring up several companies that offer transcription services at prices too good to believe – because they are too good to believe.

If you want to be absolutely sure that the person transcribing your jobs is working under fair labor conditions, it’s hard to beat working with them directly. That’s where Transcription Network comes in – helping you connect with the right transcriptionist for your needs.

Right now, our main resource is the public transcriptionist directory, open for browsing. No user registration is necessary to access the directory.

However, if you’d like to receive notifications about directory updates and forum topics or communicate with transcriptionists via the TN platform, go ahead and sign up for an account! If you have a positive experience with a transcriptionist, you can leave an endorsement for them in their directory listing.

In the future, we’d also like to have a private jobs board where people can post work. Stay tuned!

Is Transcription Network free?

Yes, for both you and transcriptionists! We are not a middleman or a referral service, and we are not interested in taking any kind of cut. We just want to make it easier for you support transcriptionists directly.