TN for Transcriptionists

I’m a transcriptionist. Why should I use Transcription Network?

The short answer: To find opportunities to work with great people for fair pay!

The long answer: If you want to work directly with clients, TN is the right place for you. Automation may be on the rise, but highly accurate human transcription is still in great demand. There is a huge potential client base of independent journalists, researchers, podcasters, and all sorts of other small businesses and entrepreneurs!

Many of the people who need transcription services care not just about transcript quality, but about the working conditions and fair compensation of transcriptionists themselves. However, they also don’t know where to find transcriptionists to work with directly, and often end up going with larger services or platforms that come up first on Google, or that are widely talked about in their industry. These online transcription platforms are popular because they are cheap and easy for customers to use – but they come at the cost of severely devaluing your labor.

Transcription Network wants to change this state of affairs. Transcription is skilled work and deserves to be compensated as such. We want to make it easier for the people who understand this to find you, rather than turning to a faceless corporation. If this mission resonates with you – join us!

What happens when I join?

When you create an account on Transcription Network, you’ll be invited to make a listing for your services in the public directory. To cut down on spam and ensure that your listing follows our formatting rules, it will be sent to review before going live.

Once your listing is approved, it will be posted to the directory. You’ll also get access to the private transcriptionist forums (which, at this time of writing, only exist in theory but not practice :slight_smile: ).

Is Transcription Network free?

Yes! We are not a middleman or a referral service, and we will never ask for a cut from any work you get through TN.