What is Transcription Network?

Transcription Network supports ethically sourced transcriptions, for humans and by humans. But what does that actually mean?

Transcription Network’s mission is to promote fair working conditions and compensation for transcriptionists by bringing transcriptionists and people looking for high-quality transcription services together directly, rather than through any middleman. It turns out that when you don’t already happen to know somebody who knows somebody, this can be hard! We want to lower those barriers between great clients and transcriptionists.

What Transcription Network is

Transcription Network is a free online resource for connecting independent transcriptionists with , and potential clients with a transcriptionist whose skills are well-suited to their needs. Transcriptionists can post their services in our public directory, which can be browsed by anybody who wants to directly hire a transcriptionist for their next project.

In the future, we’d also like to add a job board where people can post upcoming projects and overflow work! But we’re still just getting off the ground.

What Transcription Network is not

Transcription Network is not an agency or a referral service. It is not and will never be a paid resource – we want to keep TN free and accessible for anybody who needs it. Our directory is a starting point where people seeking transcription services can find freelancers to work with directly, but we don’t help negotiate contracts – that happens between the transcriptionist and their client.

How do I get started?